Sunday, July 10, 2011

precious things.

life has a way of changing in ways you don't expect. my life has gotten a whole lot busier in the past month! there's food to be made, laundry to be done and a house to be cleaned. and being anal retentive about each of these things makes it obvious that if the job is going to be done, it's going to be done by moi! 
 i love all of our white dishes we have now. the artist in me gets excited to fill the blank canvas with color. these tomatoes and scallions joined in with soy chorizo, lettuce, cheese and toasted tortillas to make a (somewhat) healthy taco salad.
 i had to move my poor hydrangeas that are scorched from too much sun and i replaced them with these spirea that love lots of sun. the hydrangeas are now in a shadier part of our front yard. i hope they feel better soon!
 i also planted these salvia in between the hostas and the wild roses that were already there.
 my two favorite boys.
finally on a jewelry note: i had a chance to go into the basement and use my new jewelry studio. although it's a bit dark down there, i have an ample amount of space for all my tools and things..i'll be getting more lighting soon. i made these two stretch bracelets to add to my wrist. (the two closest to you.)  the one on top is made of hematite beads and bali brass beads. the one on the bottom is pyrite with tiny gold filled nugget beads. 
i'll be working in the studio again tomorrow. i hope i will have something to show you later!

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  1. don't people smoke salvia? isnt that what miley cyrus smoked? i love white dishes too, and those nachos dont sound half bad. -mish g