Tuesday, July 26, 2011

autumnal thoughts.

as the summer is breezing by (without really much of a breeze as of late) i'm thinking, naturally, of fall. i just love the crisp scent of autumn and the fall fashion that goes along with that cozy weather. here are just a handful of items that i am excited to wear more of in the upcoming months.
 chanel's fall '11 cream shadow in illusoire. i had a VERY hard time just choosing one color to purchase..for now!
 i never thought i'd be the kind of girl to buy a pair of toeless boots. i've never really understood the rationale behind the concept. but i was drawn in by the heel, the buckles and the blackness and i ended up loving them especially with a red pedicure! (boots by miss sixty. neiman's last call.)
 i've already worn this skirt a hundred times (i'm sure some of you will think it looks familiar.) it's so easy to just throw on a maxi skirt with a tank in the summer. but i can totally wear this in the fall with the boots i just mentioned. :) (maxi skirt by mossimo for target.)
when i first saw this shirt and i expressed how much i liked it, my lovely sister made fun of me. it's pretty big and tent-like, but that's what i love about it. and it falls so perfectly when worn. (shirt by torn. neiman's last call.)

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  1. i am quite lovely, aren't i