Wednesday, March 30, 2011

vampire skin.

 gold-filled version of the hoop i made the other day.

 20 inch gold-filled necklace with multiple chains in black/gold.

2 inch teardrop gold-filled wire earrings with smoky quartz drops.

Monday, March 28, 2011


here are a couple more pictures of the necklace i posted last night with the labradorite stones. they are one of my favorites because they can be deceiving. if you look at them one way, they look cloudy..but the minute light catches the stone, it gives off this amazing blue hue. so, i guess sunlight makes almost everything better!

lazy sundays.

sterling silver hoops with copper beads.
 gold-filled chain w/ stamped brass pendant and labradorite beads.
(these pictures do not do these stones justice. they are so beautiful when they catch the light.)

Friday, March 25, 2011

old school.

as a kid i used to love when my mom would take out her old canvas pouch that encased all of her old school middle eastern jewelry that she received as gifts from both of my grandfathers and from my dad. i still look inside that pouch from time to time and i have worn a lot of the pieces she doesn't wear anymore. i love that elaborate almost baroque look they used to be into in the 70's and 80's.
the necklace i made today was inspired by that golden decadence...but simplified of course. :)
there's a giant bin of copper scraps in the jewelry studio that i will search through sometimes and find some good pieces of copper and brass. (i have the scratches from the jagged edges to prove it.) the main part of the necklace was made with a piece of brass i found which i then sanded and polished. the semi-precious stones are rubies.

Monday, March 21, 2011

ruby red

 hammered gold-filled hoops with dangling oxidized/gold chains.

gold-filled post earrings with rubies.

Sunday, March 20, 2011


i really love shoes. and handbags. and accessories. but, who doesn't? they always fit, they almost always look good and you can go completely nuts with them and still look somewhat sane. lately i haven't been going into certain stores or on specific websites because i KNOW i. will. want. stuff. here's an example of something i WANT! but don't need. but love. oh jeffrey i love thee.
"so crazy" by jeffrey campbell.
image from

Friday, March 18, 2011

reduce. reuse. recycle.

 tiny gold filled drop earrings w/ purple cz drops.
  a necklace i made w/ leftover rings from a chain. i soldered them into a continuous link and hammered them. the semi-precious stones are mystic garnets.

a bracelet i made w/ leftover beads from a necklace that broke used with a black swarovski crystal pave bead.
 a necklace made w/ black spinel and a gold bead i found. not sure where it came from.
 i love the fluidity of this black and gold chain.
lucy is always so kind..she keeps my lap warm when i make jewelry.

Wednesday, March 16, 2011

showered with love

last sunday was my bridal shower and although i was very anxious and nervous leading up to it, i had a great time! it was overwhelming to see so many important people together in one room to celebrate my upcoming wedding! i am very blessed. :) 

Tuesday, March 8, 2011


and in a bridal shower outfit update...this is the skirt after the dye fun!

field day

i spent a ridiculous amount of money in less than an hour at the jewelry and gem show this past sunday..but, i bought some really gorgeous stones that i've already used in some pieces i will post in a second. every time i'm at the show i wish everyone else would just disappear so i could have a chance to linger over the sparkling array of stones laid out on the tables.
i also bought a couple of these oxidized sterling silver moons with champagne diamonds to use in a couple pieces. my mommy bought me one for myself so i put it on my rose gold chain i always wear.

here are some finished pieces:
gold filled circle links with chalcedony drops.
(i love that it looks like the stones are lit from within.)
gold filled links with draped oxidized silver chains.
really simple quartz drops i wrapped in wire to wear at my bridal shower. :)
a found piece of brass that i bezel set a turquoise stone in and then made into this:
16" pyrite necklace w/ a stamped brass coin pendant and a bezel set citrine stone.
dangling brass chain post earring with green quartz stones.

Friday, March 4, 2011

the anti evil eye

now i am not a superstitious person by any means. i have a black cat (named penelope). i wouldn't think twice about walking under a ladder. and i am pretty sure i've broken a mirror in my lifetime. i just don't believe in curses or bad luck or even good luck. i believe things happen because they just do. having said that, i made this evil eye necklace. ;) being middle eastern, i grew up seeing the evil eye in a lot of jewelry and hanging on people's walls in their homes. so i made it more as a symbol of culture rather than superstition. 

 18" sterling silver with turquoise.

i often wish there were more hours in a day. i really didn't want to stop working on jewelry this evening, but i forced myself since i do have to sleep at some point so i can wake up early and make people pretty. these fun earrings-to-be will have to wait a couple days. 
also i am SO excited to go to the jewelry and gem show on sunday! i always love getting new stones and chains and bringing my little bag of goodies home to start creating new pieces.

Wednesday, March 2, 2011


lucy likes to keep me company while i make stuff.
"gold rush"
20 inch knotted beaded necklace.

2 & 1/4 inch double wire hoops
with blue quartz drops.
i am dreaming of the sea.