Tuesday, March 8, 2011

field day

i spent a ridiculous amount of money in less than an hour at the jewelry and gem show this past sunday..but, i bought some really gorgeous stones that i've already used in some pieces i will post in a second. every time i'm at the show i wish everyone else would just disappear so i could have a chance to linger over the sparkling array of stones laid out on the tables.
i also bought a couple of these oxidized sterling silver moons with champagne diamonds to use in a couple pieces. my mommy bought me one for myself so i put it on my rose gold chain i always wear.

here are some finished pieces:
gold filled circle links with chalcedony drops.
(i love that it looks like the stones are lit from within.)
gold filled links with draped oxidized silver chains.
really simple quartz drops i wrapped in wire to wear at my bridal shower. :)
a found piece of brass that i bezel set a turquoise stone in and then made into this:
16" pyrite necklace w/ a stamped brass coin pendant and a bezel set citrine stone.
dangling brass chain post earring with green quartz stones.


  1. mar-face...i want it. and by it, i mean the entire above posting and all of the jewelry included. im going to sneak into ur little workshop and steal everything one day. so im sorry in advance for being a thief.

  2. dina, i am flattered. but i'm just letting you know that you'll have to break into hanan's which will be a lot harder...so..good luck with that.