Friday, March 18, 2011

reduce. reuse. recycle.

 tiny gold filled drop earrings w/ purple cz drops.
  a necklace i made w/ leftover rings from a chain. i soldered them into a continuous link and hammered them. the semi-precious stones are mystic garnets.

a bracelet i made w/ leftover beads from a necklace that broke used with a black swarovski crystal pave bead.
 a necklace made w/ black spinel and a gold bead i found. not sure where it came from.
 i love the fluidity of this black and gold chain.
lucy is always so kind..she keeps my lap warm when i make jewelry.


  1. 1. love the earrings and 2. love the colors in the lucy pic!
    -ella's mom

  2. hahaha...ella's mom...can ella come out and play? i wanna dance.