Friday, March 4, 2011

the anti evil eye

now i am not a superstitious person by any means. i have a black cat (named penelope). i wouldn't think twice about walking under a ladder. and i am pretty sure i've broken a mirror in my lifetime. i just don't believe in curses or bad luck or even good luck. i believe things happen because they just do. having said that, i made this evil eye necklace. ;) being middle eastern, i grew up seeing the evil eye in a lot of jewelry and hanging on people's walls in their homes. so i made it more as a symbol of culture rather than superstition. 

 18" sterling silver with turquoise.

i often wish there were more hours in a day. i really didn't want to stop working on jewelry this evening, but i forced myself since i do have to sleep at some point so i can wake up early and make people pretty. these fun earrings-to-be will have to wait a couple days. 
also i am SO excited to go to the jewelry and gem show on sunday! i always love getting new stones and chains and bringing my little bag of goodies home to start creating new pieces.

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