Friday, April 29, 2011

red & black.

 i indulged in my nail polish habit today and brought three new bottles home. well, two and a half. i bought the red one for my wedding day. it's called "come to bed red." hehe.

and here is penelope being sweet for me and only me. she hates everyone else. 

i heart my new camera


i'll be honest, i didn't care much about this royal wedding. well maybe "didn't care" is the wrong phrase. but i just didn't see the big deal about two people i don't know getting married. then i woke up this morning at 6 am to the sound of organs and singing on tv. my dad was watching the royal wedding. (i thought this was kind of funny.) i must admit, i felt a little excitement watching these two lovely people sneaking glances and smiles at each other as the formality of the ceremony went on. it was very sweet and i felt a little emotional thinking of my own upcoming wedding. (almost a month away!!!) i was also surprised to see that kate's top part of her dress looks just like the jacket i'm having made to wear for my ceremony and she had a bouquet that looked a lot like the bouquet i'm going to carry! i guess i think like a princess. (i am so joking.) all in all, i think kate looked absolutely lovely and william is adorable. (and i got excited when i caught a glance of the beckhams...singing a church hymn! haha!)
(photo taken from
back to jewels: 
here's a necklace that i had posted a couple weeks back that i had kept for myself. i made another one to sell. 
"evol eye" necklace. 16" gold-filled chain with brass & turquoise.
2.25" brass "drape" earrings.

33" gold-filled fine chain with semi-precious stone drops:
iolite, moonstone, citrine & mandarin garnet.

Monday, April 25, 2011


today, like most days lately, is a gloomy day. it's been grey and rainy with a chill in the air. perfect for staying indoors and experimenting with my new camera! (canon 60d)
i really still need to sit with both my camera and the instruction manual to really understand what it can do, but for now i am taking pictures regardless of whether or not i really know what i'm doing! 
my soldering station. where the magic happens.
 henry in his olan mills pose.
 henry marveling at the rain.
 lucy is wondering when the sun is going to shine again.
 it looks like spring is finally here.
earlier today i went to munro's crafts to replenish my collection of semi-precious beads and drops. i'm antsy to get to work on making some pretty pieces using these lovely bits stone. i brought home with me citrine, agate, moonstone, lapis, rutilated quartz, chalcedony and jade.
i'm also going to try and set up my etsy shop very soon. hopefully by the end of the week. look out for it!

Monday, April 18, 2011

diy fun!

today i made this adorable little cake topper for our wedding and it was super duper easy. i bought three things from joann fabrics: one small nest and two small birds. i had gold spray paint that i used to spray the birds and then i hot glued them in the nest and voila! a cake topper!

Friday, April 15, 2011


23" gold-filled necklace with hammered gold-filled wire ovals and a quartz drop.

Thursday, April 14, 2011

silver petals.

hammered gold-filled wire oval hoops with sterling silver disks. 

Monday, April 11, 2011

windy monday.

 new brass and turquoise evol eye necklace (yes, that's love backwards...also i did not make my earrings..they are by janna conner.) i'm contemplating whether i'm going to keep this necklace or sell it.

 green quartz drop earrings with vintage gold-plated leaf charms. 
 paper thin folded copper leaf earrings.
i had a really great weekend. i spent friday moving things and going furniture shopping with alex while the house was getting painted (pictures to come.) then he surprised me with this amazing wedding gift!!! i haven't played with it yet but that's my plan for tonight!

Wednesday, April 6, 2011

today was a sleepy day.

gold-filled chain w/ hammered brass pendant and rubies.
 i finally made my hair comb for our wedding. it's really hard to see the actual softness of tone of the feathers, but you get an idea. i couldn't decide whether i wanted an accent of blush pink or robin's egg blue feathers, so i used both!
in less than two months i will be a mrs...