Monday, April 11, 2011

windy monday.

 new brass and turquoise evol eye necklace (yes, that's love backwards...also i did not make my earrings..they are by janna conner.) i'm contemplating whether i'm going to keep this necklace or sell it.

 green quartz drop earrings with vintage gold-plated leaf charms. 
 paper thin folded copper leaf earrings.
i had a really great weekend. i spent friday moving things and going furniture shopping with alex while the house was getting painted (pictures to come.) then he surprised me with this amazing wedding gift!!! i haven't played with it yet but that's my plan for tonight!


  1. i LOVE the green quartz drop earrings!!!!!

  2. so do i, reta!! -foof

  3. Keep the necklace. It's stunning