Friday, April 29, 2011


i'll be honest, i didn't care much about this royal wedding. well maybe "didn't care" is the wrong phrase. but i just didn't see the big deal about two people i don't know getting married. then i woke up this morning at 6 am to the sound of organs and singing on tv. my dad was watching the royal wedding. (i thought this was kind of funny.) i must admit, i felt a little excitement watching these two lovely people sneaking glances and smiles at each other as the formality of the ceremony went on. it was very sweet and i felt a little emotional thinking of my own upcoming wedding. (almost a month away!!!) i was also surprised to see that kate's top part of her dress looks just like the jacket i'm having made to wear for my ceremony and she had a bouquet that looked a lot like the bouquet i'm going to carry! i guess i think like a princess. (i am so joking.) all in all, i think kate looked absolutely lovely and william is adorable. (and i got excited when i caught a glance of the beckhams...singing a church hymn! haha!)
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back to jewels: 
here's a necklace that i had posted a couple weeks back that i had kept for myself. i made another one to sell. 
"evol eye" necklace. 16" gold-filled chain with brass & turquoise.
2.25" brass "drape" earrings.

33" gold-filled fine chain with semi-precious stone drops:
iolite, moonstone, citrine & mandarin garnet.

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