Monday, June 20, 2011


i'm sorry for the delay in posting but as some of you may know, i just got married! it's been quite a busy sixteen days since! alex and i took the week off after our wedding to get all of our belongings organized and in their places. one of the biggest projects i faced was the alex is not fond of gardening and chose only to mow the lawn for the three+ years he's lived in the house. he neglected the weeds, bushes and plants in his yard and so it looked like this:

i went to work trimming the bushes, pulling out weeds and pulling out the lilies...i know, i know...but i just don't like them! i went to a few garden centers where i bought a handful of gorgeous blooms and plants. i bought: hydrangeas, lamb's ears, hens & chicks (so cute), sedum, lavender, cock's combs, begonias and geraniums. i worked in the yard for a few hours this morning's the after:

here's a closer look at the lavender, sedum, lamb's ears and hens & chicks (before they were planted.) love.

Friday, June 10, 2011