Monday, July 25, 2011

lights out!

hello, friends. i would like to begin this post by saying i never want to repeat this past weekend again. we lost power for almost three days and it was scorching hot outside. to top it off, alex left on a motorcycle trip for the weekend. so it was dark, hot and ridiculously uncomfortable and i was all alone. well, alone with six cats.
i tried to make the most of my situation and made a bracelet by candlelight..i think my eyes hate me for it.
p.s. that candle is my FAVORITE candle of all time EVER. yes i am being overzealous, but it's a great candle. vanilla tarte by Trapp candles. (you can peruse a variety of scents at hanan cosmetics.)

so this is the bracelet i made:
i had seen a how-to on a blog somewhere and i bookmarked it. it's kind of addicting...i've made quite a few already. here's the link if you want to try it out yourself. 


  1. awww I wish we had gotten together this weekend for sushi since you were stuck without power. Glad your ordeal is over. Reta

  2. I suspect you've just led me to my latest obsession. ;)