Tuesday, July 5, 2011


hello friends.
i hope you have all had a great summer and a beautiful fourth of july! (it was just gorgeous here in southeast michigan!)
i was called out on being overdue in blogging. (thanks, foof!) i know i've been away for some time. i've been busy putting the house together and cleaning and cooking and working and keeping six cats! yes, i said six. but, i have my jewelry setup ready save for some adequate lighting but that will be up soon.
i've been feeling like i need to make some new jewelry for myself! i've been a little bored with the usual jewelry i wear, even though i still like it. i've gone back to some older pieces that have been hibernating in my jewelry box. sometimes i forget about things when they're not right under my nose, so i've been digging up old treasures and they've become new again. i love when that happens! these are the necklaces i've been wearing lately. sometimes alone, sometimes all together:
 the scapular was a gift from my mom, i put together the champagne diamond/oxidized silver moon using pieces i bought, i made the silver triangular shape with the bezel set citrine stone and i also made the brass piece with the bezel set turquoise stone.
i can't get enough of these earrings. i bought them at hanan's a couple months ago and i wear them almost every day. they go with everything! i wear them to dress things up and i wore them yesterday at the pool while wearing a bikini! i did not make these. they're by janna conner. (i CAN make these, though, using pieces i've seen at munro's...but the pieces are not gold plated so they'd have a darker finish.)
on a non-jewelry note..here's a picture of our brand new, straight from italy masters chairs by philippe starck! (along with our new table from CB2.)
starck actually took three different chair designs and layered them on top of each other and then edited from that to make the masters chair. they're a work of art as well as very comfy chairs! since we could only afford two at the moment, we're thinking of mixing other (possibly acrylic?) chairs to go with these when we entertain.
i hope you have a wonderful, sunny week! i'm off to water our flowers. ;)


  1. cool stuff! those earring remind me of the ones your mom made for me...love them!

  2. btw...the pic of ur little dining table looks like a pic out of apartment therapy...so cute