Monday, July 25, 2011


i've been meaning to getting around to posting pictures of our house after we painted all the walls and rearranged some furniture, etc. (renee, i know i'm overdue!) here are some shots:
i love my cookbook station complete with our michael aram fig salt & pepper shakers and our nambe pitcher/vase. (flowers given to me by alex's lovely parents because i had a terrible weekend!)
this was found in my aunt fatin's closet.
refrigerator art.
future project: reupholster red velvet chairs.
spyder lounging.
our toy chest...and my amazing epcot center tray straight outta 1982.
kitty toilet brush holder!
my favorite anthropologie soap dish has had lots of homes.
 a postcard (his artwork) written to me from one of my favorite artists, detroit's own ed fraga.
 our new cb2 table and philippe starck chairs.
our bedroom. "the kiss" painting by me.
my closet/vanity/computer room/cat haven.
 drawing by me. (not a self portrait!)
 the flower cross stitching in the corner was done by my mom in college.
 i've had that ballerina print forever. freida was given to me by alex. the transfer on wood was done by me.
 alex's black walled man cave. jewelry station.


  1. jidoo would be proud, your house looks like a modern day version of the la loma museum... couple comments... i cant believe you found that amazing statue in auntie fatins closet, thats awesome. also, the cat toiletbrush seems like its too much, but its not, its really cute and funny... also, if you upholster the red velvet chairs, that would be the single biggest mistake you ever made in that house, if it was possible to give that room more character than it already has, then those chairs have done it. another thing, are those real starck chairs? looks like alex has been paying his dues to go motorcycling every week haha.


  2.'re funny, chrissy. i never thought of it looking like la loma...i'm even happier now! the cat toilet brush thing is hilarious and i love it because where else do you put a nasty toilet brush? the chairs attract cat hair like no other...and i think something yellow would look cool in that room. but i know what you mean. and yes, those are real starck chairs..that's why we only have 2. haha! and by the way, alex is the design snob of the house, not me! we also want the acrylic louis chairs.

  3. love love love what you've done! It's so you guys :)


  4. wow, everything looks awesome!! -foof

  5. i love your place!!! especially the yellow armoire in the kitchen...beautiful!

  6. thanks, friends. regina, that came from oddfellows antiques a few years ago. it was super cheap and inside it was a book from the late 1800' cool.

  7. wow marie!!! i love what you've done to the place! it looks so cozy! --renee

  8. every room is just lovely marie! although i am sure that is no surprise to anyone ;)
    have you been to this website?
    if not, you should. and i think they should come check out your house, and publish your pics. they just might!
    -laura (pope)

  9. laura, i love apartment therapy..although i haven't checked it in a while. i never thought of submitting pictures...maybe i will! :) thanks for the compliments everyone! now everyone needs to come over!

  10. omg...i was just going to write that this needs to be APARTMENT THERAPY-ed immediately. that is the first thing i thought of gazing thru ur house...POST THEM IMMEDIATELY. love ur pad, love u and i even love that cat toilet brush holder.

    btw, i am going to one day steal ur munny or whatever the hell its called in ur armoire.


  11. everything is so pretty, artsy, and very alex and marie! wish i could see it in person. i wonder if i'd be allergic to the toilet bowl brush...? -sis