Wednesday, May 18, 2011

spring cleaning

i've been packing up my clothes to start transporting them over to my new closet at alex's house. (my house, too, i guess. weird.) we are turning the third bedroom into my closet/vanity/computer room. my goal is to make it look like a vintage inspired boutique! as i was going through my clothes and shoes trying to figure out what i won't need for the next couple weeks (which was a little difficult considering the schizo weather we've been having) i got into the picture-taking mood. :)
 slight black boot obsession.
 yes i love shoes.
 my favorite summer shoes by marni. 
got them on sale at neiman's last call.
my absolute favorite jeffrey campbell boots that i wore almost every day this winter.
my chanel wallet on a chain that was passed to me from aunty fatin. 
i love knowing that she once carried it and put her belongings in it.

flashy & diaphanous.
on a wedding note:
my mom really didn't love the idea of having the flower girls carry pinwheels down the aisle, so i told her i was open to hearing her suggestions. she had a cute one..she made these flowers out of fabric we had lying around and she's going to attach each one to a string which will be attached to a basket. so when the girls go to throw a flower, it won't fall on the floor and instead will hang off the side of the basket. too cute! now how to get a two year-old and a nineteen month old to walk down the aisle is a different story.
i finished my bracelet for the wedding! i love lays on my wrist exactly how i envisioned it. i strung twenty-two strands of freshwater pearls, clear quartz and moonstone. i also took a jeweled clasp from an old bracelet i had either found or bought from an antique shop (i can't remember) and restrung the pearls. in all, i'll have twenty-five strands on my wrist. :)