Wednesday, May 4, 2011

deep blue sea

i bought these beautiful lapis stones last week..i love the flecks of gold in them. i imagined them dangling with a thin gold wire hoop of some sort. i came up with these today:

look at my jewelry table. what a mess! i am working on three or four things at once at all times. this is what happens as a result.
it's almost a month until our wedding and i'm getting really excited! i'm also excited to be getting all the little details out of the way. (i say that in the sweetest, nicest way possible.) it's just been a complete mess with projects lying all over my work room. i also can't wait to get all the boxes containing vases out of there!
since most churches, including the one we're getting married at, don't allow flowers to be thrown on the aisle by the flower girls, i tried to think of something creative to have in place of those balls of flowers (i can't remember what they're called right now.) i decided to make pinwheels*! i thought it would be appropriate for the little girls and i wanted to incorporate paper crafts somewhere in our wedding. my mom gave me a funny look when i told her my idea, but i don't care..i love them! (for the record: my mom thought they were adorable.)

*to learn how to make these, click on this link. just fyi, i didn't follow the pushpin idea exactly. i kind of altered it a bit, but you'll get the idea. also my pinwheels are just for show..they don't spin! my push pins weren't long enough. oh well, they're cute.

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  1. LOVE the so sad that you wont be using them