Sunday, May 22, 2011

beauty faves

from left to right:
my daily fragrance. it smells like cupcakes! pink sugar by aquolina eau de toilette. $59 an amazing tan in a moist towelette. tantowels $29 for a pack of ten @ hanan cosmetics. this is the best cheapo topcoat that i buy from meijer. liquid glass nail laminate $3.99. one of my go-to nail colors. "the thrill of brazil" by OPI usually $8.00 but you can get it cheaper here. the BEST eyebrow filler ever! looks very natural and doesn't smudge or wipe off. soft taupe superwear brow definer $20 @ hanan cosmetics. the body shop chamomile eye makeup remover is one of the best removers i've tried that's also a great deal for the amount of remover in the bottle. 14.50 @ the body shop. this moisturizer makes my skin feel extremely soft and refreshed. love love love it! starting over moisturizer by origins $45. this thin cream is a great (inexpensive) face highlighter. a tiny bit goes a long way..put it on your brow bone, cheekbones and anywhere else you want to look glowy. boots no. 7 high lights illuminating lotion. 12.99 @ target. do you want an easy way to disinfect your brushes without having to wait for them to dry? use brush cleaner...this is the best i've come across. smells citrusy and cleans your brushes in an instant. japonesque brush cleaner $16 @ hanan cosmetics. i am VERY particular about lip balms and this is my favorite. it has a light pink tint as well as vitamin c and spf 15. $25 @ hanan cosmetics. 

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