Tuesday, May 3, 2011


i love getting things done. i love writing (or typing) to do lists and crossing things off when i've completed the task. it gives me a really nerdy sense of accomplishment. :) i worked on a bunch of things today including jewelry and wedding details. here are a couple bracelets i made with my new strand of the milky, dreamy agate i bought last week. 
agate bracelet with copper beads and gold plated toggle.
 stretch bracelet with agate and black swarovski bead.
(i hadn't cut the elastic off..so that's not supposed to be there.)
i bought these cute faux rose hair clips from h&m for my flower girls and i glued pink feathers to them.
i found a bird nest basket with fake eggs and fake flowers in the easter section at home goods a few weeks back. i went to work on ripping out all the fake crap that was inside it and i cut the handle off which left me with a cute little empty bird nest. i decided this would be my ring boy "pillow." so i glued moss inside it and then i topped that off with two rings tied with a lace bow. i made the rings out of copper wire and i bought the spool of ribbon (it's double the width) at michael's for 1.99 today. :)
okay i promise this is the last time you see my hair comb (until the wedding pictures of course) but i changed it a bit. i decided i didn't like the hint of blue feathers so i ripped them off and i replaced it with an ostrich feather which i think will hug my head better.
i was rummaging in the basement for something and i found an old cigar box filled with fun sequins and vintage findings and feathers. talk about a treasure! i ended up making this comb today out of some of the findings in the box. i'm probably going to make a bunch of feather combs for my etsy shop. (which will probably not be up this week...so much to do!)

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  1. omg, i love it all! Especially all of the feather details!