Sunday, October 9, 2011


hello friends. i apologize for my long absence. i've been working on lots of jewelry and we took a trip to chicago last weekend. here are some pictures i've been meaning to put up. 
i hope everyone is doing well and enjoying the gorgeous fall weather!
 something from my aunt fatin that i attached a chain to and have been wearing as a necklace.
 a bracelet i made for miss reina with one of the druzy quartz stones i recently loved and bought.
 a bracelet i made for myself which i subsequently gave to jehan while she was visiting. those are agate beads and a pave ceramic bead that's a beautiful shade of midnight blue..the picture does not do it justice, unfortunately.
 one of the many bracelets i've been making thanks to andrea!
 a knotted lariat necklace i made using the gold, silver and oxidized silver plated pyrite stones i have.
a close-up of my halloween costume from foof's bachelorette party last night. i was a fairy. my coworker, jeff, made me look ethereal and glittery! i absolutely loved it and wouldn't take my makeup off until i was almost falling asleep.


  1. Marie!! I love your jewelry so much. And your makeup. I just love you!!

  2. well i am flattered! i love YOU!

  3. marie, i love what you did with my moms pill case. so clever! oh and your make up looks/looked awesome!

  4. Thanks for the bracelet Marie! I wear it everyday <3 it and you!