Tuesday, October 11, 2011

renaissance (doesn't) rock

a few weeks ago, a few of us made the mistake of going to the renaissance fair. i had never been and neither had alex. i knew we'd hate it, but alex kept repeating, "but i like medieval shit." so we went. and we hated it. but i came away with two good things:
 this chunk of citrine...
 ...and this geode.
yup. that's it. i guess i just can't understand how the renaissance meshes with samurai swords and goths. i don't get it. 
here are some other things that will accompany my new rocks. i got these two thingamajigs from aunty fatin's stash of awesomely cool stuff. the egg opens up and is velvety inside. i'm not really sure why that shell has metal ends, but i think it's pretty sweet. 
 i can't remember where these guys came from. i have a feeling alex brought one or both of them back from thailand a few years ago.
 these don't go on the same shelf as the other objects, but i figured since we're looking at small things we've acquired...we received these as a gift for our wedding shower. i absolutely LOVED them and had to have them. alex, on the other hand, thinks they look like a certain part of the male anatomy. he doesn't understand why i needed to have gold-plated fig salt and pepper shakers. :)


  1. that toad is from pettibone. and i thought you bought the elephant from st. augustine? if not, it's from pettibone, too, but i really think you bought it for me.

  2. i probably bought it...your forgetfulness is rubbing off on me.