Thursday, October 13, 2011

crazy crusty crystals

i have had this drusy quartz for probably two years now. i was so afraid for the longest time to bezel set it because i wanted to make something really cool using it and because i was so afraid i was going to make a mistake and ruin it. i finally decided i just needed to make it into a simple necklace because the stone speaks for itself. isn't it just beautiful? i bought it from the detroit rock show. i should've bought more drusys...i don't see them often. i was told this particular stone was coated with titanium to give it an ultra sparkly dark finish. i'm pretty happy with outcome, although i'm toying with the idea of putting it on a slightly heavier gold filled chain.
i have another similar looking drusy that's more of an irregular oval shape. perhaps i will work on that one tomorrow...


  1. that stone is so diggin those drusys!