Wednesday, September 14, 2011

rock candy.

here are some semi-precious stones i can't wait to use! 
top picture going clockwise: pyrite (i've used this a ton, but i wanted to show them next to the following), gold plated pyrite, silver plated pyrite and oxidized silver plated pyrite. with the price of gold going skyward, it's nice to have an alternative. and pyrite is my favorite stone so what could be better than pyrite with a gold overlay?!
bottom picture: i bought these druzy quartz beads today...i am so excited about these. there's something about druzys that i just love. i think it's the fact that they remind me of all the beautiful stones i used to want to touch at the science museum as a kid. (the rocks and stones were my favorite exhibit.) actually we recently went back and some things hadn't changed, thankfully. if you have not gone in a while (or ever) i suggest you take yourself one rainy afternoon to the cranbrook institute of science. it's interesting going as an adult. in some ways you feel transported back in time and in other ways you notice things you never would have as a kid. 

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