Monday, January 10, 2011

st. augustine

 st. george street
 st. augustine cathedral
 nights of lights
lulu on our way to stogies
...and mish enjoying an annual cigarette at stogie's.

one of my favorite places in florida is the oldest city in the augustine. although over the years it's become a bit more commercialized w/ ghost tours and such, i still love walking the narrow streets and absorbing the mysterious air that surrounds the nearly 500 year old town. 
one of the best places to have a glass of wine is stogie's. it's a tiny two story house that they've converted into a jazz club complete w/ cigars, wine and beer from all over the world. if you're claustrophobic and scared of the dark, do not enter this place. if you love live jazz and cozy leather furniture, be their guest. 

overall, my short florida weekend trip was bittersweet. it felt melancholic to be there and not see my grandpa joe. he had such a comforting smell that i cannot describe with words and he had an intangible warmth that nobody else can ever encompass. 

we will miss you and cherish our memories of you always, jid. :)

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