Monday, January 17, 2011

i love mondays

mondays are a good day for me. i love waking up and having my coffee, checking email, eating a bagel...then i love having the entire day to work on jewelry. (i cheated for a few hours and went to the mall with reta..but hey, best friends are allowed to hang out!)
tonight i made a necklace that i have a few finishing touches i still need to get to, so you'll see it later.
i also made these earrings w/ my favorite stone: pyrite. i know i use it a lot in my jewelry, but i can't help it. it looks good with everything. the semi precious drop is a prehnite, which is said to be a protective stone. wear these earrings and you will be invincible. ;)

3 inch oval gold filled hoops.
pyrite stones & prehnite drop.

i also experimented a bit with my wedding hair comb. i still have to make a trip to the antique shop to possibly find a vintage broach to use or just to get some inspiration. 

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  1. gorgeous ring for a gorgeous sister.