Monday, January 24, 2011


i've been really busy arranging wedding plans and registering for gifts and making phone calls and going to michael's and going to the fabric store and..... i've been really busy with wedding stuff basically. it's fun and i'm super excited, so i'm not complaining! 
but in between everything, i've managed to make a few pieces here and there. (oh and i started my stone setting techniques class i'm taking at the it so far!)

here are just a couple things for now:

oops, my hair is covering the earring, but you get the idea.
3 inch gold filled hammered wire with a garnet drop.

this is made from pieces of a gold filled circle link chain.
1 inch gold filled chain with chalcedony.

isn't this dress pin gorgeous?? i found it at my favorite antique shop in berkley, oddfellows. it's a trifari from the 1930's. the funny thing is i got it for $40 and i just found it on ebay where they're asking $250 for it!

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  1. i love both sets of those earrings...and i LOOOOOOOVE that pin! very beautiful!!!