Wednesday, January 5, 2011


today i went wedding dress shopping and ended up with the third dress i tried on! i wanted to get something that i loved but would love even more once my mom put her stamp on it. i'm so excited to start working on my hair comb and veil. yes, i'm making it. i will also be making the cake topper, possibly the ring bearer pillow and maybe even alex's boutonniere! i love diy projects!


  1. marie my love...make sure that you either get them all done way in advance (you are gonna be overwhelmed with small tasks closer to the wedding date) or that you ASK FOR HELP!!!!!!! even if you think u want to do it all...ask for help. it will only make the experience that much more fun! SO EXCITED TO SEE EVERYTHING!!!!

  2. dina..thanks for offering..but don't you know me by now? i want to do it MYSELF. except for my hair. you can do that.