Saturday, August 27, 2011

please come home.

i've been away a while, i know. some of you may know that my sweet kitty, lucy, ran out of the house accidentally two weeks ago. :( i've spent the last 14 days looking for her, making flyers, posting them everywhere and going to animal shelters and vet offices. it's so heartbreaking. we've had a couple people actually go to the trouble of capturing a cat thinking it's lucy, but they have been false alarms. (poor tabbys of ferndale!) please keep lucy in your thoughts and hope she comes back home to us.


on a lighter note...i learned how to macrame a bit. i've been making adjustable are a few:
 this was the first bracelet i made.
a few bracelets using copper, apatite, brass screw nuts and yellow agate.

finally got this in the mail after ordering it weeks ago (what year are we in again?) i think i'm about 15 years late in dying my hair a crazy color (i wanted green hair when i was 14. my mom said no.) but whatever. (p.s. i will not be dying my entire head pink!)

my new superhero cuff from forever 21. not bad for $7.80.

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  1. I love your jewelry Marie!! every single piece! --renee

    p.s. i don't think there has been a single one that i didn't like!