Monday, August 8, 2011


i gave a couple friends of ours a gift for their baby was a drawing that i started before my wedding and just now was able to finish. (i know..i'm terrible at time management.) it's my homage to the japanese woodblock prints...with a bit of a twist. i cut up some of alex's judge dredd comics and then i did some faux gold-leafing on top of that. after i had drawn and painted in watercolor, i had done a bunch of crosshatching on the balloons and i didn't like the result at all. i thought of covering it with newspaper clippings for a cool contrast...but then i thought of using comics instead since i love them and kids are usually drawn to colorful pictures. the pictures i chose aren't necessarily kid-friendly, but who needs dora when you've got a ninja and death?
(i apologize for the blurriness of the picture.)
 and here's penelope looking regal.

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  1. those fishies are so cute. and i love that pick of penelo-poopoo! pretty colors