Wednesday, August 3, 2011

hard candy's another bracelet. lately i've been really into stacking a bunch of bracelets on my wrist and having arm parties.
 stretch bracelet
mystic labradorite
oxidized silver swarovski crystal bead thingy

today was a great day. weather wise, it was gross..but perfect for staying indoors and getting stuff done. i was busy with a few different projects and i even braved the humid, drizzly afternoon to go out and get supplies from munro's. here are the goodies i came back with! they look so delicious don't you just want start chomping? i do. i brought the following to live with me for a while: black spinel, jade, yellow agate, peridot and turquoise. mmm...
 here's a funny little caricature alex drew of himself and me! (don't you love how he had to sketch one out first?) this was actually on the back of a wedding response card for a couple friends who are getting married in a few weeks. they asked everyone to draw themselves for their cool is that? (also, those aren't flies buzzing around my "hand", it's my sparkly diamond ring. hahahaha!)


  1. beautiful jewels....FUNNY pic!!!! -mishmish

  2. I want to buy lots of those bracelets! xo-foof

  3. a. I looooove arm parties. Derrick calls me a gypsy.
    b. Those jewels are are all of ur bracelets piled on ur arms.
    c. I die for that sketch (especialy bc he did a practice first...)