Sunday, November 14, 2010

kids are funny...sometimes

when i was at the "detroit rocks" gem and mineral show last month, i bought a handful of these GORGEOUS drusy quartz, including the 18 kt. gold covered stones in the earrings a couple posts back. i didn't anticipate a dozen school buses of elementary school kids also being there on a field trip (yikes!)
as i was browsing the gold drusy stones, a ten year-old boy came over and we had an amusing conversation:

kid: COOOL! are those REAL gold??
me: um, yes. but the gold is poured over the stone.
kid: can we take it off and sell it for more money?
me: no, i don't think so. (i handed a couple to the gem dealer and said i would take them.)
kid: lady, how much money do you HAVE?
me: i have a credit card.
kid: lucky!


  1. So so pretty!


  2. you and random kids have the funniest convos!

  3. lmao I love your recent conversation posts here and on facebook. so funny!