Friday, November 12, 2010

hello, friends.

finally! i've been talking about starting a jewelry/art/inspiration blog for quite some time now. so this is it! i'll probably tweak it as i go (i went out and bought a "blogging for dummies" book today) but i hope you enjoy my posts anyway.
for those of you who don't know me, my name is marie. i have a bfa in painting but i work as a makeup artist. i recently revisited my passion for jewelry and started to make things i wanted to wear. that turned into making things for other people after they saw me wearing my pieces. then i began selling my pieces at hanan cosmetics & accessories, the beauty boutique where i work. my dream is to continue to learn about jewelry and to reach more people with my art!
as a kid, i wanted so badly to own one of those metal detectors you saw ads for on t.v. i knew that if i owned one, i would find buried treasure. (hey, my favorite movie was the goonies!) sadly, i never fulfilled that fantasy, but i still love the idea of a piece of jewelry looking like it was buried beneath the earth. imperfection is perfect. organic > precise. raw vs. polished. you get the idea.

thank you for visiting and i hope you come back soon!


  1. the goonies was and still is one of my favorites!!!

  2. i'm gonna really enjoy this blog!!

  3. adding you to my reader right now. looking forward to seeing your inspirations.