Monday, November 29, 2010

i wish for more hours..

i really do wish there were a few more hours in a day! today i worked on jewelry for quite some time and i wanted to continue, but i guess i should get some sleep.

this is another drusy quartz that i had picked up at the gem and rock show. i made this oxidized silver pendant with it...not sure what i'm doing with it just yet.

i just made the gold filled "hoops" on the far right. they're 3 inches long and gold filled. (i had made a pair for myself last week and i can't stop wearing them!)

i finished this necklace that i made for my mom today. the cross is made w/ gold filled wire, but i purposely made it look multi-colored by using silver solder and putting it into a solution that kind of makes it look rose gold. (i came upon this discovery by accident, so don't even ask!)
the red stones are garnet and the rose gold beads are czech glass.

my mommy wearing it:
on sunday i went to the international jewelry and gem show that comes through here a few times a year. i bought some gorgeous pyrite and sapphire stones! so so pretty and i can't wait to use them. okay, i'm out for now. have a great night/day!

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