Monday, December 13, 2010

snow day

today was a snow day for many people in the midwest, including me..although i don't work on mondays anyway. :) i worked on jewelry all day (and evening) long in warm sweats and stepped foot outside only once to get something from the car...brrrr! it's freezing out there! it's almost impossible to remember being able to step out in a tank top in the heat of the summer when it's this cold now!

i made a necklace today out of some shorter chains that i needed to make sure i didn't waste and a scrap piece of silver wire that i had soldered into a ring and never used because it was too thin. i just squeezed it into a more oval, irregular shape. i used more of those sapphire stones as well. 

i also worked on small, medium, and large sizes of the "lucy hoop" in both sterling silver and gold filled that i've been selling at hanan's.

now it's time to get into bed and continue reading "little bee" (by chris cleave) for our book club. i need to finish it and be ready to discuss it by next week! goodnight!

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