Monday, December 13, 2010

and the snow came down

this weekend was great. i love this time of year when everything is so festive! saturday night i went out to dinner with the hanan crew for our annual christmas dinner extravaganza. we went to saltwater at mgm casino and although we had the worst service imaginable, we managed to have a good laugh together and some delicious food. i won $220 on a two cent slot machine after pressing ONE button. seriously.


sunday was a stressful day if you were on the road. there was so much snow, snow and more snow! but i did go see aronofsky's "black swan." it was fantastic! what could be better than a dark film starring natalie portman, the ballet, and clothes by rodarte?

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  1. I do need to see that movie. Thank you for visiting me! I hope we see more of eachother. :-)

    Maryjane xoxo