Monday, February 14, 2011

golden treasures

i've always loved the look of a wax seal on an envelope and i never realized how easy (and a bit messy, depending on whether or not your glue gun decides it's going to leak) it is! they have wax sticks that you can put into a standard hot glue gun. you just drip a few drops on the envelope, use your stamp to press into the hot wax and voila! you have a wax seal! (thank you, carolyn, for getting me such an unexpected birthday gift!) note: those little balls are a result of the glue gun dripping.

here are a few things i worked on today. i'm making a brass bar necklace to sell (i had made one for myself a couple months back.) and now i'm making an extra small size of the "lucy hoop" to sell at hanan's. 
this is a little nugget i found in the casting centrifugal machine thingy at the studio. there are all sorts of little misshapen nuggets in there from molten metal that has dripped from a casting project. most of them are silver, but i wouldn't be surprised if this one has a little gold in it. i'm going to solder a jump ring to it and wear it on a chain or something..we'll see what i come up with. :)

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